Tribute Campaign FAQs

Find answers to your questions about creating a Tribute Campaign fundraising page to support Doctors Without Borders.

How do I register my tribute fundraising event with Doctors Without Borders?

1.    Visit  the Doctors Without Borders tribute page and click on the “create a page” button.
2.    Complete the online registration process.
3.    Follow instructions to create your own personal campaign page (this is your fundraising page) when you are finished with the form - click on 'Complete Registration'
4.    You are now ready to get started! Click on the dashboard at the top of the page. On the right-hand menu under 'Your Fundraising', click on 'Your Fundraising Page' then 'Edit Your Fundraising Page'. Here you can personalize your page with images, text and video. Use the resources, fundraising tips, and email and social media tools to help promote and spread the word about your event.

Click here for a tutorial on how to personalize your fundraising page

What is my Fundraising Center?

Within your fundraising center is your customizable, personal, online fundraising page where you can direct all your friends and family to make an instant, secure, online donation. Once you register your event, or as a participant in an event, you’ll be taken to your secure personal page to customize it with your story, photographs, and your personal fundraising goal. You’ll be able to send emails from your Fundraising Center, track your fundraising progress, and send thank-you’s to your donors. Your Fundraising Center is only accessible if you are logged in.


Can I add photos or video to my Personal Page?

Yes. Click the “Edit Profile” button on the lower half of your Fundraising Page. Underneath the profile photo, you’ll see a “Change” link in a gray box. Click on “Change.”  Here, you can select the type of file and browse from your personal computer. After clicking “Next,” you will get a chance to “crop” your photo with the image preview showing to the right of your cropping desktop. Please note that only one visual can be uploaded at a time.
Click the “Update Profile” link at the bottom of the profile page to save your changes.


How do I direct people to my online Fundraising page?
Send your friends and family your personal fundraising page URL. Or, your family and friends can find your page by using the “Fundraiser Search” search box on the top right hand corner of

The most effective way to let people know about your event and your personal fundraising page is through email. Send an email request through the email tool which you can find in the right-hand menu and ask your friends, family, and co-workers to support your event. Be sure to include at least two links to your personal fundraising page in every communication.

It’s a great idea to promote your page link in social media posts on Facebook and Twitter because those friends and acquaintances can be different than your email address book. Click the “Social” Tab on your Fundraising Center to enable the Facebook application to automatically post a daily update to your Facebook status as you raise money and your support grows. The status update will include a link for your friends to follow back to your fundraising page. Fundraisers who use the Facebook application are more likely to hit their goal than those who don't!


Click here to watch a short video tutorial about how to send emails from your fundraising center.
Click here to watch a short video that shows you how to send out fundraising updates through various social media tools like Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin.  

You can also add a link in your email signature to draw more attention to your event.


What is the difference between Tribute Pages, Community events, and Team Doctors Without Borders?

Community events, Tribute Pages and Team Doctors Without Borders are Doctors Without Borders’ grassroots community fundraising programs and are all part of the Doctors Without Borders organization. Tribute Pages are personal fundraising pages supporters can set up to commemorate a big event such as a birthday, holiday, or wedding or to honor someone. Community events are personal fundraising pages for supporters organizing events to raise funds and awareness on behalf of Doctors Without Borders. Team Doctors Without Borders members fundraise through various athletic events and activities to benefit Doctors Without Borders.

Do my materials need to be reviewed by you before printing?

All Tribute Pages, Community Event Fundraising, and Team Doctor Without Borders’ press releases,  pitch letters, printed or electronic advertisements must be submitted to the Doctors Without Borders staff for review and approval before they are made public.  Please submit them to

To whom should I make out my check?

Please make all checks payable to: Doctors Without Borders or Medecins Sans Frontieres

What if a check is made out to me and not Doctors Without Borders?

If a donor makes the check out to you, simply endorse the check with your signature and "Payable to Doctors Without Borders" and submit it with the donation form. Please note that the account holder on the check will receive the tax receipt from Doctors Without Borders.

Where do I mail donation checks?

All donations must have a donation form attached and should be mailed to the address on the donation form.  This form can be found in the resources section of your dashboard:

Doctors Without Borders USA
333 Seventh Avenue, 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10001
Attn: Events

How do you know that a donation is for me?

The only way we know that a mail-in contribution was made on your behalf is if the donor has placed your name on the memo line of their check, or attached the donation form to their check. Please ask them to clearly mark on the donation form that the donations is in support of your fundraising page.

When will my donations show up in my account?

Please allow 2–3 weeks for processing throughout the year.

Can I accept the bulk of the donations and just write one check to Doctors Without Borders?

We do not recommend this method. If you collect all of the donations and deposit them into your account so that you can write one check, two things will happen: 1) Since the check is from your account, your donors will not receive a tax receipt from Doctors Without Borders  2) The IRS will consider that deposit income in your account and you could be taxed on the amount.

Can Doctors Without Borders issue a tax receipt for donated goods or services?

The value of an individual’s time or services donated to Doctors Without Borders is not deductable under federal tax law, and therefore not eligible for a tax receipt. We can however send a tax receipt for donations of goods, but cannot value them.

Will I be notified of the donations in my account?

When you log into your account, you will be able to see the list of donors that have made a contribution to your account. In the event that you would like to send a note to your donor, you can click on their name so that you can have access to their mailing address. You will then be able to check the box next to their name indicating you have sent them a personal note.

Can I mail a cash donation with a donation form?

For the security of the donations – we strongly urge you not to mail in cash donations. For any cash donation you receive, please convert the cash to a cashier's check or a money order and mail it with a completed donation form. Please be sure to include the donor's personal information on the donation form so that an accurate receipt can be generated for tax purposes. Please do not deposit the cash into your own account and write a check for that amount; the IRS regards this as income and in addition, if a check is written from your account, your donor won’t receive a tax receipt. It isn't possible to have a check written from your personal account credited to another donor. However, if you have several cash donations from different donors and want to convert them to one check, you can accompany one cashier's check with multiple donation forms to indicate the amount that each donor contributed. Each donor will receive a tax receipt for the amount specified on their donation form.

Can Doctors Without Borders send a representative to my event?

Doctors Without Borders can sometimes provide a speaker for a special event. Due to the demand for our representatives, however, we cannot guarantee a speaker. Please request a speaker on our speaker request form. Note: Doctors Without Borders requires at least four weeks' notice to provide a speaker for events.

Can I be reimbursed for my fundraising expenses?

Doctors Without Borders is not able to reimburse your fundraising expenses. To keep your expenses down, consider asking local businesses to sponsor your event or provide in-kind donations.
Please be aware of Doctors Without Borders Corporate Gift Acceptance Policy which you can find here

A donor is requesting a 501(c)(3) letter. What is that and how can I get a copy?

The 501(c)(3) letter is proof that Doctors Without Borders is recognized as a nonprofit organization by the federal government. Contact to obtain a copy of this form.

What is a matching gift?

Matching gifts are a benefit that many companies provide, through which they match all or part of their employees' charitable donations. This means your company will make a donation to the cause as a direct result of your donation. Contact your Human Resources department to see if your company has a program and what it involves.  

Please be aware that Doctors Without Borders has a Corporate Gift Acceptance Policy:  To ensure our strict neutrality, impartiality, and consistency Doctors Without Borders does not accept contributions from corporations or industries whose core activities may be in direct conflict with the goals of the medical humanitarian work of Doctors Without Borders, or in any way limit Doctors Without Borders' ability to provide humanitarian assistance. In keeping with this policy, Doctors Without Borders cannot accept contributions from fundraisers sponsored in whole or part by businesses that derive their income from the production and/or sale of tobacco, alcohol, arms, pharmaceuticals (including: medicines, medical equipment, diagnostic and biotechnical materials, and research), and/or mineral, oil, gas, or other extractive industries.

Doctors Without Borders recognizes the potential conflict between receiving corporate donations and fulfilling our humanitarian mandate. In the interest of protecting the independence of our operations, which directly affects the well-being of our patients, we feel it necessary to take this step to avoid any potential conflict of interest.

What additional information should I include with my matching gift form?

To ensure that the event organizer  you are sponsoring will be credited when the gift is matched, please write his or her  name and event name  in the upper right hand corner of the matching gift form. If your company's matching gift form is completed online and a "notes" field is provided please include the event organizer’s name and the event.

Please attach a copy of your donation receipt (if available) to the matching gift form.

Once you have made a copy of the matching gift form to retain for your own records, you should mail the original form to:

Doctors Without Borders USA
333 Seventh Avenue, 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10001
Attn: Events

You can also scan and email the form to:


How long will it take for a matching gift form to be processed and mailed back to the matching gift company?

When we receive your matching gift form it will be verified and sent back to the company within two weeks to be matched. We encourage our participants to check with their companies as to whether this can be done through an online portal for ease of processing.

How long will it take for the matching gift to show on my fundraising page?

This depends on the company's policy. The best thing you can do is be an advocate for your matching gift. Contact your company to find out how often matching gifts are distributed. Determine what, if anything, you can do to expedite the process or make sure your donation is processed as quickly as possible. Once we receive the matching gift check, it will be processed and added to your donation report within two to three weeks. Please note that, on occasion, the matching gift companies do not note on the check that the funds were intended for your account. If you have confirmed that the matching gift company mailed the check to us and three weeks has passed, please contact us at so we can be sure to credit the funds to your account.