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Doctors Without Borders - A Holiday Fundraising Page for Syria

A campaign by Dannielle Kawamoto

November 23, 2016

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Dear Friends,

Thank you for visiting my fundraising page, and doing something TODAY to help Doctors Without Borders provide urgent care, emergency surgery, and countless other services to the children and people of Syria.

I started this fundraising page after seeing a video online of nurses in Syria taking babies out of incubators because their hospital was being bombed.  The day before that I saw a baby boy asking for his mother after inhaling deadly chemicals.  I felt helpless watching women and children in such misery and desperation.

I am tired of feeling helpless.  

This is my first, small step toward doing something real.  My hope is that this event will inspire:

  1. Compassion – What would we do to save our own families?  What would we hope people would to do help us?  It is time to walk in someone else’s shoes.
  2. Amplification – I have 700+ Facebook friends (#humblebrag).  But so do you. By clicking one button and sharing this on your feed, imagine how much more of an impact we could have together.  Or better yet, create your own page.  It is the laziest, bravest thing you will do today.  If you create a new page please use the same campaign title and page alias, so we can tie it all together.
  3. Action – this doesn’t have to be a one time visit here.  Any time you see a video or article that makes you yearn to help, contribute what makes sense for you. This will run through New Year’s Day and every small action builds toward a greater impact.

Thank you for your support and for getting involved. Every little bit helps and is greatly appreciated (and Tax deductible!)!  You can learn more about its work by visiting

I am so excited to finally start doing something, with your help.




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