Baphominiatures Winter 2017 Charity Army

A campaign by Zach Johnston

November 26, 2017

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Baphominiatures is happy to present its 5th Summer Charity raffle of 2018. This one is a little different, there are four greater demons provided by Creature Caster and four chances to win. Additionally, there is a 5th demon as our side raffle.

For more pictures of the demons, visit:

To date, Baphominiatures has raised over $22,000 for Doctors Without Borders and St. Jude's Children's Hospital with it's charity armies, thanks to the massive support of the wargaming community.

Every $10 donation gives you four tickets and chances to win the Lady of Anguish (Slaanesh), Maggot Demon (Nurgle), Vulture Demon (Tzeentch), or Lord of Malice (Khorne). YOU HAVE THE OPTION to allocate your tickets towards a specific Demon. For example, if you only want to be entered for the Khorne drawing, please leave 4x Lord of Malice, 4x Khorne, or 4x Lord of Malice/Khorne in your comments field. As long as your intention is clear we will make sure your tickets are properly allocated.

More examples of acceptable entries:

2x Tzeentch, 2x Khorne
1x Vulture Demon/3x Lady of Anguish
1 Nurgle, 2 Tzeentch, 1 Khrone

                                         VULTURE DEMON (TZEENTCH)

                                   LADY OF ANGUISH (Slaanesh)

                                       MAGGOT DEMON (NURGLE)

                                       LORD OF MALICE (KHORNE)

There is also a side raffle for those who are able to donate more: Every $50 donation also enters you into the side raffle for the Lord of Virulence ($50 = 20 regular entries + 1 Side Raffle entry).

To recap: Every $10 donation = 4 tickets, you can apply each ticket to any of the 4 demon choices.Every $50 of donations also gives you a ticket into the side raffle for the Lord of Virulence IN ADDITION to the other Demon raffles. Dont worry, we have a very nice Xcel spreadsheet keeping everything in order for the drawings.

Please be sure to include your full name when donating so that it can be used in the drawing (Anonymous donations or first name only donations cannot be used). The raffle ends Saturday August 25th at midnight and the drawing will be posted the next day, Sunday August 26th. The video of the drawing will be posted on our Facebook and PLEASE CONTACT US at [email protected] if you have questions or if you have won any of the raffles.