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2018 India Challenge

A campaign by Lars Johansson

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Dear Friends,

Thank you for visiting our fundraising page, and joining us to support the lifesaving mission of Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)! THIS MAY BE THE STRANGEST FUNDRAISER YOU'LL EVER HAVE THE CHANCE TO DONATE TO!!

We'll be racing more than 2300km through rural India - from Jaisalmer to Cocin - with no set route, no language skills, during traditional monsoon season... To raise funds and awareness for the important mission of D.W.B. -  in a 7hp motorized deathtrap. Pray for us.

We'll in essence be racing against 40 other teams the equivalent of NYC to Austin Texas on a riding lawnmower.

Your donation will be put to work immediately to deliver urgent medical care including treatment for malnutrition, emergency surgery, and lifesaving vaccinations for people around the world.

Although we have a Facebook Page to share some of the adventure, if you really want the good stuff - you'll have to donate! Because all donors will receive access to our private VIP Facebook group - where we'll be posting and streaming the best and most ridiculous content during our ~2 week adventure.

This is your chance to be part of our adventure, and to help save lives around the planet - and it's probably the most absurd fundraiser you’ll ever have the chance to donate to. 

Don’t miss your chance ;)

Thank you for your support and for getting involved. Every little bit helps and is greatly appreciated (and Tax deductible!)!  You can learn more about its work by visiting



**Many employers will match donations to charitable causes, so if you donate, make sure to check with yours!

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