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A campaign by Karishma Rahman Azmat

November 2, 2019

Donate Now

Dear Friends,

War --> Famine --> Death --> HELP 

We can no longer avert our eyes from the devastation happening in Yemen: 

The war in Yemen has inflicted terrible costs on civilians and pushed the health care system to the brink of collapse. Over half of the country’s medical facilities are closed, and many others are too damaged or lacking in personnel or needed supplies to provide care. Children are starving, children are dying.

PLEASE support the extraordinary efforts of Doctors Without Borders who are working tirelessly to save lives on the ground. Know that EVERY DOLLAR donated through this fundraising page, will go towards helping the people of Yemen.

In the spirit of all that we are blessed and grateful for, please donate generously. Together, we can choose to light candles, amidst the darkness.

Love & Light,  

  • Karishma Rahman Azmat 
  • Dr. Syeda Hossain
  • Tafiya Khan, Esq.   
  • Dr. Ilora Rafique 

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