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Rowers Without Borders 2021

A campaign by Bryan Fuller

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I am once again asking our ‘Border Rowers’ to accomplish the impossible.  This time I am asking you to row around our globe, 40,0750,000 meters.  I expect this to take around 4 months and hopeful out of COVID-19.  We can do this together, pushing each other, giving you a sense of purpose and belonging.  I am also setting a goal of raising $40,075 for Doctors without Borders.

Seriously, this is the most difficult challenge ever asked of indoor rowers.  We will be rowing days, nights, weekends, holidays….When we are done, you will absolutely be a world record holder and it's unlikely this record will ever be broken.

We are going to have signup beginning December 1st with an actual start date of February 26th. We will have a practice session beginning February 1st and it will last a week.  The goal being to give everyone a chance to practice the handoff and recording of their scores.  We might have a shorter late entrance training February 20th for last minute entries. Visit us at



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