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Supporting Doctors Without Borders, Remembering Burundi and Yemen

A campaign by Zeynep Tufekci

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Dear Friends,

Thank you for visiting my 2021 fundraising page, to support the work of Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), especially in places like Burundi and Yemen. The first photo above is from one of their clinics Yemen, and the second from Burundi.

In both countries, MSF has had long-term on-the ground presence and employs hundreds of people—most of them local staff. People in both countries had already been suffering from multiple crises or from their aftermath when the pandemic hit, including hunger and war. The pandemic has made all of this worse. There is still little to no vaccines available in either country. 

Meanwhile, regular healthcare needs have not gone away. Yemen is still facing a deepening crisis of hunger and famine, and the United Nations just announced that there will be further funding cuts in food aid to the country—not enough money. Burundi still suffers from ongoing malaria epidemic, and the pandemic has disrupted efforts to combat it.

I'm donating $20,000 to kick off this campaign. I'm hoping people will match, contribute, and share as they see fit. Healthcare and food security is a human right—for everyone. I'm grateful for the work that millions of healthcare and aid workers have done around the world during the pandemic. Let's give them more resources and support do this crucial job.


UPDATE: James Gleick has offered to match another $10K! Now matches are up to $30,000! Yeay!

UPDATE: Matches are now up to $58K—compiling a list of them now to add here. THANK YOU.

(If you want your donation to be added as a match—just put it in the note field! I'll add it to the matches).


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