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There is a crisis happening in Africa that is slowly spreading to the rest of the world.

  • Many people still do not really understand the virus or the crises implications outside of fear
  • Many organizations and countries have donated money but it is not being used because there are not enough groups on the ground
  • All while resources, supplies, trained staff, logistics and open beds are scare. People are being turned away only to go home and infect their families. All while global countries debate closing their boarders
  •  The total number of probable, confirmed and suspected cases in the current outbreak of Ebola virus disease (EVD) in West Africa was 6263, with 2917 deaths, as at the end of 21 September 2014 (according to the WHO). Countries affected are Guinea, Liberia, Nigeria, Senegal and Sierra Leone. 


  • Did you know that if 70% of infected Ebola patients were able to be cared for in hospitals, the crisis would be on the road towards containment? Despite this finding, only 18% of Ebola patients in Liberia are receiving such treatment countries.
  • Evidenced by the CDC’s worst-case estimate, Liberia and Sierra Leone could face 1.4 million infections by Jan. 20 — more than 10 percent of their combined populations of about 10.3 million if swift and decisive action is not taken
  • The need for additional bed is no clearer than the story of one Medecins Sans Frontieres volunteer, who daily had to turn away infected individuals due to the limited space in the medical center, infected individuals who would only return home to infect their loved one before passing away.


  1. Donate $1 - $5 to represent the currently identified gap of 2,122 gap of beds in Liberia by WHO.
  2. Add your voice to our petition to the United Nations here:
  3. Register your interest in joining the Walk Against Ebola in Dublin, Ireland on October 18th here:


Follow MSF and WHO for updates Ebola relief efforts as well as information on prevention and recovery.



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