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Argenis Without Borders 2.0

A campaign by Kirsten Benzel

July 18, 2015

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Argenis Without Borders started last year as part of an office dare at SurveyMonkey and grew into a multi-national show of the good fun and altruism that is so special within our #SQLFamily. We raised $13,000, Argenis wore the infamous Unicorn Hoodie, and there were Rainbow Fluffies and Rainbow Ribbons and Rainbow Wings all worn at the PASS Summit!

We're back and doing it again! Summit bumps right up against Halloween so the theme this year is Costumey-Crazy Hat-Crazy Fun. We met our $1k goal in the first hour and hit $5k on 9/23.

What's next? If we can reach $10k, Argenis and Kirsten will take one randomly selected donor who attends the PASS Summit on a shopping trip for a PS4 or Xbox One and Jason Horner (t/b) will wear a Go-Pro on his head at Summit!

  • Argenis (t/b) will embarass himself and wear (drumroll!) a Ted Suit if we reach $1k! Done!
  • Our Champions this year, if we reach $5k, will further the cause with costumeage/hats still in the works. Done!
  • They are:
    • Steve Jones (t/b)
    • Grant Fritchey (t/b)
    • Kendra Little (t/b)
    • Erin Stellato (t/b)
    • Cathrine Wilhelmsen (t/b)
    • Tim Ford (t/b)
    • Kirsten Benzel (t/b) - Tron Costume
    • Gail Shaw (t/b)
    • Bob Pusateri (t/b)
    • Gareth Swanepoel (t/b)
    • Andrea Allred (t/b)
    • Brandon Leach (t)
    • Jes Borland (t/b)
    • Ed Watson (t/b)
    • Jason Strate (t/b)
    • Vicky Harp (t/b)
    • Tone Hansson (t/b)
    • Allen McGuire (t/b)
    • Tim Radney (t/b) - Pothead Plumber Costume
  • $15k: Mike Fal (t) and Argenis will entertain attendees for 30 minutes on one day in the community zone. Argenis, wearing his costume, will dance to music played by Mike on the trombone.
  • $20k: Gareth Swanepoel, Ed Watson, and Allen McGuire  will get Tattoos (Probably SQL Server tats)!
  • $50k: Argenis will get his FIRST tattoo - SQL Server themed, naturally!

We're so excited to help this amazing group of brave individuals continue to provide aid around the world and have some fun while doing it!

Two things to note: to be entered in the list of potential shopping buddies you'll need to donate as yourself and not anonymously. If you include your twitter handle in a comment that also helps us thank (and find!) you! ... Also - we're really good with data. Don't try any shenanigans.

Questions? You can reach us at

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