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Swords Without Borders

A campaign by Bill Grandy

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Update (August 15):
The fundraiser is officially over!

The winners and their prizes:
1. The Leepers - Davis Reproductions Bauernwehr

2. Gregory Thomson - Jesse Belsky Sidesword

3. Charles Arnow - Davis Reproductions Gift Certificate

4.The Turnip of Terror - Arms & Armor Gift Certificate

5. Kevin Comer - SPES Cadet Jacket

6. The Fritz family - Arms &Armor Sgian Dubh

7. Drew Tharp - TherionArms Halberd

8. Thomas Connolly - Purpleheart Armory  Shashka Kit

9. Dustin Collier - Freelance Academy Press Flowers of Battle vol 1

10. Kat Anderson - Handmade Revolution Belt

11. Brian Vargo - Storms Rising Leather “HEMA Shrike” dagger belt

12. James Darling - Leather Book Cover

13. Leo Robadey - Freelance Academy Press Burgundian Poleaxe Book

14. Josh Hoh -Freelance Academy Press Flowers of Battle vol 3 (book) 

Swords Without Borders/Bill Grandy cannot be held responsible for any problems you may encounter with a sponsor or prize.

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