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Brian Marquis, Mosaic Solutions, Inc. donated $20.00 06/18/2017 Thanks to Dead and Company and Mickey Hart for driving us to this website. We were both trying to figure out the shirt that he wore for the Atlanta, GA show and glad we ended up here. Love and respect for Doctors Without Borders. We've always love what you do and love that we can support you in your quest to save lives everywhere.
The Cedar Cultural Center donated $1,776.00 03/21/2017
Anonymous donated $50.00 03/07/2017
Joe Erjavec made a donation 02/27/2017 I was not able to attend this year. I appreciate your good work and want to donate in your honor.
Anonymous donated $50.00 02/25/2017
Eric Gilbertson donated $100.00 02/25/2017
Anonymous donated $50.00 02/25/2017
Anonymous donated $500.00 02/25/2017
Shawna donated $30.00 02/25/2017 I was honored to participate in Drone not Drones. It was a great experience and a worthy cause.
Anonymous donated $20.00 02/25/2017
Anonymous donated $20.00 02/25/2017 Thank you for doing this and especially for the stream!
Anonymous donated $50.00 02/25/2017 Awesome job, Luke!
Anonymous donated $50.00 02/25/2017 Thanks for putting together such a cool concept for a great cause!
Anonymous donated $50.00 02/25/2017
Anonymous donated $25.00 02/25/2017 Thanks for what you do! Doctors without Borders is an important charity!
Anonymous donated $5.00 02/25/2017
chryysa made a donation 02/25/2017 Just moved to Minneapolis, and about a week ago i saw this person with a Drone Not Drones T-shirt at a local cafe (Mayday). since I love and make drone music myself, I thought that was rad! Now i'm streaming the concert, a great way to get me involved in a great charity. Maybe next year I can play:) -chryysa
Anonymous donated $20.00 02/24/2017
Anonymous donated $5.00 02/24/2017
Sharyl Heiken donated $20.00 02/23/2017

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