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The Cedar Cultural Center donated $1,776.00 03/21/2017
Anonymous donated $50.00 03/07/2017
Joe Erjavec made a donation 02/27/2017 I was not able to attend this year. I appreciate your good work and want to donate in your honor.
Anonymous donated $50.00 02/25/2017
Eric Gilbertson donated $100.00 02/25/2017
Anonymous donated $50.00 02/25/2017
Anonymous donated $500.00 02/25/2017
Shawna donated $30.00 02/25/2017 I was honored to participate in Drone not Drones. It was a great experience and a worthy cause.
Anonymous donated $20.00 02/25/2017
Anonymous donated $20.00 02/25/2017 Thank you for doing this and especially for the stream!
Anonymous donated $50.00 02/25/2017 Awesome job, Luke!
Anonymous donated $50.00 02/25/2017 Thanks for putting together such a cool concept for a great cause!
Anonymous donated $50.00 02/25/2017
Anonymous donated $25.00 02/25/2017 Thanks for what you do! Doctors without Borders is an important charity!
Anonymous donated $5.00 02/25/2017
chryysa made a donation 02/25/2017 Just moved to Minneapolis, and about a week ago i saw this person with a Drone Not Drones T-shirt at a local cafe (Mayday). since I love and make drone music myself, I thought that was rad! Now i'm streaming the concert, a great way to get me involved in a great charity. Maybe next year I can play:) -chryysa
Anonymous donated $20.00 02/24/2017
Anonymous donated $5.00 02/24/2017
Sharyl Heiken donated $20.00 02/23/2017
Drone Not Drones donated $6,898.00 02/09/2017

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